The Best GPS Watches for Kids in 2020

With kids being more independent than ever before, parents want to both foster their sense of freedom while at the same time ensuring the most important thing: safety. There is nothing scarier than not knowing where your child is or not being able to call or get in contact with him or her. Many of us have had those scary moments at the mall or a crowded amusement park where one second, our child is standing by our side, and the next, he’s gone. Most of the time, you set your eyes on him in a few moments, with your child just having wandered off a bit. But there are other times where you aren’t right there to protect him, and that is where a GPS smartwatch comes in.

One of the best ways to bridge the gap between independence and safety is purchasing a GPS Smartwatch for your child. These GPS tracker devices won’t make your child feel that he is being “watched” because they function as normal watches, and many of them even come with fun features like cameras and games. While your kid is enjoying his or her new wearable technology, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can access their location in real time, as well as where they’ve been for the past few hours, and can call or message them anytime, anywhere.

In this article, you will be able to compare brands and prices to see what kinds of GPS smartwatch options are on the market and what product will work best for your family. We will share the best GPS watches overall, as well as products with specifications like being waterproof and what low price options are on the market.

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What Should I Look for When Buying GPS Watches for Kids?

Criteria #1: Accurate location-based tracking. After all, real time GPS tracking is the most important function on this watch, as you want to be able to precisely locate your child at a moment’s notice.

Criteria #2: Additional safety features like geotracking/geofencing, a one-touch SOS button for emergencies, and two way communication. With geotracking, you will be able to set predetermined safety zones for your child, and the watch will send you alerts when your child exits those boundaries. SOS alerts are important for emergency situations, when your child will be able to call you instantly with the push of a button.

Criteria #3: Battery life. At the end of the day, technology is only as good as the amount of time it can last. You want to make sure you’re purchasing a watch with a substantial battery life to ensure that you will be able to call or message your child for the entire duration of the time they are away from home.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best GPS Watches for Kids

In choosing the best GPS smartwatches for kids, we factored in a number of features. The most important features relate to safety, so we took a look at smartwatches with excellent GPS tracking technology so that you can know where your kids are in real time and at any moment you need.

We also took into account other important safety features like geofencing, SOS emergency buttons, and two way communication. Other considerations we made when evaluating these GPS watches included the “extras.” Some of the smartwatches on this list include a camera, games, alarm, and flashlight.

We also took into account both positive and negative customer reviews to back up claims made by the companies and offer real assessments of these GPS kid watches.

#1: Verizon Gizmowatch 2 (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The Verizon GizmoWatch 2 is a 4G, kid-friendly GPS watch designed with your child’s safety in mind. It can stay charged for up to 4 days when in use and up to 7 days when in standby mode. You can check the location of your child’s GizmoWatch 2 directly from your smartphone by downloading the GizmoHub app, which also allows you to set location boundaries and receive automated alerts when your child exceeds them.

The Verizon GizmoWatch 2 is the best all-purpose GPS smartwatch value for the money for a number of reasons. First, you can rely on the nation’s largest 4G LTE network. This device allows for two way voice calling and messaging (which not all GPS smartwatches allow for). You can load the device with the up to 10 pre-set phone numbers to ensure that your child always has someone to call should he need to.

Aside from the safety features that these gizmo watches offers, they also feature a fitness tracker, allowing your child to get excited about fitness by setting and reaching their own personal exercise goals. The Verizon GizmoWatch 2 is IPX7 compliant, meaning that you can drop it into up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes and your device should still work. It also comes with a silent mode so that your child can wear it during the school day without distractions.

Parents like this GPS kids watch for their children who they feel are too young for a smart phone, yet they still want to give their child that extra sense of freedom while still being able to call them to know they’re safe. One parent wrote that the GPS tracker worked well even in areas with less than perfect mobile service. Another parent wrote that she had tried a number of smartwatch brands and none held a candle to Verizon’s well-built, easy to use product. Some customers said the watch band is low quality, so to consider purchasing a separate band online.

This GPS watch is compatible with any standard 20 mm watch strap, so you can easily pick out a strap that suits your kids’ style. Additionally, you do need a plan through Verizon, so if you don’t already have Verizon, you would need to set that up.

#2: TickTalk 3 (Best Splurge)

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The TickTalk 3 is a 4G GPS smartwatch designed for kids that combines video and voice calling, WiFi calling, smart messaging, and GPS tracking capabilities. TickTalk’s main mission is to connect the family in a fun and safe way. They know that not all kids are ready for the responsibility of a cell phone, and they’ve decided to solve that with a reliable, state-of-the-art product.

The TickTalk 3 GPS watch, especially designed for kids ages 5 to 12, has 7 frequency bands which make it compatible with most carriers worldwide. Not only can you hear your child’s voice, but you can also video call using its FaceTalk capability, which makes this option an upgrade from Verizon’s GizmoWatch 2. In addition to being able to message back and forth with your child, the TickTalk 3 allows your child to send a pre-set message like “I’m on the school bus,” or “Just arrived.”

In addition to being 50% faster with their GPS, LBS, and WiFi location tracking services than TickTalk’s prior model, it’s also more accurate and allows parents to track more than one device on the same map, so you can easily track multiple kids at once. Not only can you track in real time, you can also input the time you want and track where your child was at that moment.

Customers love TickTalk’s customer service and the fact that this GPS watch for kids is easy to use and has excellent sound quality. One customer wrote that “this is the best watch I’ve seen on the market.” Many parents noted they bought multiple watches for their kids and were highly satisfied with this one’s durability, battery life, and the peace of mind they have with the ability to trust that this product functions well.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product

You have a higher budget, and you value being able to video call your kids. TickTalk 3’s FaceTalk service allows your child to video call family and friends. You can even set up your child’s watch so they can only do this when connected to WiFi so that the video calling feature does not drain your data.

Reason #2 to Choose This Product

Many parents noted that TickTalk’s customer support is fast, friendly, top-notch service, so you can be sure that you will be able to call a representative directly should you have any issues with your watch.

#3: LDB Direct Kids Smart Watch (Best Waterproof Smartwatch)

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The LDB Direct Kids Smart Watch is a waterproof GPS watch option that your child can wear while bathing or swimming. This watch uses LBS and AGPS location tracking technology has an SOS button that will call up to 3 numbers if your child is in an emergency situation, and features two way calling so your kids can call pre-approved contact numbers.

This GPS watch for kids is the best waterproof option because it does not need to be taken off while bathing or swimming. You will have peace of mind not having to make sure that your child doesn’t ruin his new watch in the bath or pool.

In addition to that perk, features include digital games, a flashlight, and class mode that won’t disturb your child while he or she is in school. Parents can use the parental controls to set the watch to only show time (and now allow for any other features) during school hours. This watch is also a great value for the money.

Customers love that this smart kids watch is affordable and gives their children a sense of freedom within limits, like being able to make phone calls, but only to preselected numbers. One customer wrote that “It’s the only one we found comparable to the Gizmo, but for people without Verizon.” They noted that this watch tracks accurately, the battery life is good, and the product is practical and functional. Some customers noted that the camera is grainy and you do need to purchase the SIM Card separately.

#4: WillowWind Kids Smartwatch (Best Low Cost)

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The WillowWind Kids GPS Smartwatch includes LBS and GPS tracking to ensure your child’s safety in real time, the ability to set safety zones in their ‘Setracker’ app, and a SOS button allowing your child to instantly call 3 pre-set phone numbers in an emergency.

This kids GPS watch also includes a do not disturb ‘class mode’ that parents can also set up in the app. The WillowWind kids smart watch also includes a camera, pedometer, and alarm. This watch does not come with a SIM Card, so be sure to purchase that separately. 

Customers like that this kids GPS watch is a comfortable, stylish watch that is easy to operate. It charges quickly and multiple customers noted that the battery life is good. One customer noted that the set up of this GPS watch wasn’t so simple, but once she got it working, it functioned well and communicated her child’s location accurately.

#5: iGPS Wizard Smart Watch for Kids (Best SIM Card Included)

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The iGPS Wizard Smart Watch for Kids with SIM Card allows you to contact, locate, monitor, and protect your child using cellular, GPS, and WiFi tracking along with their free downloadable mobile app compatible with iOS and Android. This watch allows you to contact your child through two way calling and text and voice messaging. It allows you to pre-set approved phone numbers and an emergency caller list. This GPS watch also features a one-touch SOS button, device removal alert, and emergency contact auto-dialer.

The iGPS service plan is required if you choose this product. The plan includes 300 minutes of talk time, unlimited SMS, and unlimited GPS. This watch works with an independent service plan and is not connected to your current carrier, meaning anyone can purchase this watch, buy the plan, and start using it.

The iGPS Wizard Smart Watch includes a SIM Card, making your life easier because this product is all-in-one. This watch also has a ‘Take Me Home’ feature which will help a lost child find his or her way home.

Customers love that despite the fact that this kids GPS watch for kids doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of similar products (camera, flashlight, games), it is so easy to set up, comes with a SIM Card, and the location tracking “works flawlessly.” Customers love that there are live customer service representatives they can speak with, and after trying other, cheaper versions of kids smartwatches, the iGPS Wizard watch was the one that finally worked with incredible accuracy. One customer noted that that everything has to be done through the app, meaning no one can contact your kid unless they have downloaded the app and you’ve approved their number, which is an important safety feature. Some customers noted that this watch is a bit bulky and has limited ‘extras’ like games (which others viewed as a benefit).

On a Budget? Try These:

#1 Budget: Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch

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Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch utilizes LBS tracking technology to locate your child. Parents can set security zones in the SeTracker app, and you will be informed when your child leaves the boundaries of that zone. Parents can set 3 emergency contact numbers in the app, which this watch will automatically call if your child presses the SOS button.

The Themoemoe watch also offers two way calling and voice chat. You can program up to 10 numbers into the phone book.

Parents love that this GPS tracker watch is not a huge investment and it works reliably. Customers noted that you need to purchase a SIM Card separately and that the customer service leaves something to be desired.

#2 Budget: Turnmeon’s Smartwatch for Kids

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Turmeon’s GPS smartwatch utilizes GPS and LBS tracking technology and has an emergency SOS button that will quickly call 3 pre-set phone numbers so your child can get help in time, should there be an emergency. It also allows for calling, has a flashlight, camera, calculator, alarm clock, and games. It also comes with a do not disturb mode for school or when you want to make sure your child cannot be distracted.

Customers like the fact that all of this GPS watch’s functions can be controlled from the app and that this product is functional and practical.

#3 Budget: Vailsa Smartwatch

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The Vailsa Smartwatch uses real time GPRS positioning, tracking, and monitoring. It features the all-important SOS emergency alarm, a phone book for you to add in contacts, an alarm, geofencing, a camera, and games.

One customer noted that this GPS tracker watch was “very nice,” was made well, and that it functions reliably. Another noted that there was no clear customer service contact, and therefore she did not know who to reach out to when her watch was not working properly.

Verdict: Your Best GPS Watches for Kids 

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Verizon GizmoWatch 2.

If you specifically want the best waterproof option, pick the LDB Direct Kids Smart Watch.

If you want to keep the spend under $40, pick the WillowWind Kids Smartwatch.

A GPS smartwatch is more than just a fashionable fun gift for your child’s next birthday. These GPS tracking devices could help you locate your child in an emergency situation, and therefore you want to be sure when choosing the device that’s right for you that you are prioritizing health and safety. The bells and whistles can definitely add flair to this functional product, but before selecting your child’s next smartwatch, consider your top priorities and choose a product that falls in line with that value.

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